Make Up Haul!

So picture the scene; its hump day, it’s been a rainy, windy day but finally the sun has broken through and the wind is dying down and you have a lunch break… what else is there to do other than shop? I mean I had no other choice… or so I’ll tell my partner! 

Firstly in Boots I grabbed one of these Garnier Tissue Masks on offer for 99p instead of £1.50. I’ve seen mixed reviews on these but I wanted to try for myself, so one of those went in the basket! 

When I was queuing to pay, I saw this toothpaste, which is one I quite like using, on offer for £5 for two or £4 each. It’s a no brainer really! Plus I like to stock up! 

Still in Boots I found L’Oréal on 3 for 2. The X – Fiber mascara I just really wanted to try, so in the basket it went. 

True Match Foundation, which I picked up in 1.C Rose Ivory (I’m so pale!), is essentially because of the hype surrounding this! I’ve heard so many good things I just had to try it! 

Lastly, the Nude Macique Blur Cream was an impulse purchase. I love products with blurring technology, so when I saw this it sounded right up my street, so it completed my 3 for 2. 

Then Debenhams caught my eye… I found myself at the Urban Decay counter, this isn’t unusual, I adore Urban Decay! 

I couldn’t resist this bad boy, especially as there was a discount! Urban Decay had a sign that said ‘I’m not perfect up to 40% off’. I was so intrigued! 

Basically there is some slight damage to something to do with the palette. You may notice that the silvery shade looks different to the others, but that’s all that appears to be wrong with the palette. So because of this, I paid £28 instead of £38! I couldn’t believe my luck!

It is worth looking out for or even asking the counter staff. Certainly for me it takes forever to get through an eyeshadow in a palette so a little damage to one isn’t too much of an issue. Particually if you get a substantial discount and points on your loyalty card! 

Have you brought anything new recently? Or do you have any recommendations for my next shopping trip? I’d love to hear your recent finds! 

Kayley x

Beauty No’s… That I Still Do! 

Now, when I started this blog I wanted it to be a place where I could be honest about all things beauty so here goes! 

Today I’m going to write all about those beauty sins, that I embarrassingly still do. I’m sure I’m not alone though. You can’t be perfect all the time right? 

Picking Pimples: oh dear… we all know that we shouldn’t pick spots! I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘don’t pick those spots, you’ll spread ’em’. Now I don’t know how true that is, but yes I still do it. Don’t ask me why. It is gross! 

It’s not like I haven’t got any products to help clear spots either! 

Now in the interest of honesty, I don’t find this spot control treatment gel by Clean and Clear all that effective. Maybe I should give it chance to work… or maybe I pick the spots because this wasn’t working as well as I hoped? All I know for certain is picking pimples certainly doesn’t clear them up any quicker and it is something to be avoided! 

Now with the gross part out of the way; 

Not Completing a Proper Skincare Regime: now I have a wide variety of products for skincare which I looooove using. However sometimes, when I’m really tired I’ll just use micellar water to take my make up off. And that’s it. Nothing else, just off to bed I go! 

Garnier Micellar Water is my cleansing water of choice. As you can see I have the 700ml bottle because I just love it that much. It is a god send. 

However, it doesn’t cover enough bases to be the only item of skincare I use. I’m aware of the importance of a proper regime and I really need a kick up the arse to do this every night, no matter how sleepy I am! 

Finally, Not Using Eye Cream. I’m aware there is a school of thought that eye cream isn’t even needed and that your normal moisturiser will do (I’ll let you all make up your own minds on this one!). However for me, I am really concerned about getting those tell tail little lines around your eyes and I desperately don’t want them, so an eye cream is a must. So why don’t I do it every day? 

Now I have two preferred options at the moment, the Clinique Pep start and B. Radiant Eye Cream (available at Superdrug). Even though this is really important to me and it is so quick to do, it is still a step I will skip when in a rush. I promise myself I’ll do it everyday, I’m getting better but I’m not quite there! 

Confession time over! What are your the beauty no’s your still doing, even when you know you shouldn’t?  I can’t wait to hear! 

Kayley x

Make up removing miracle?

Clinique Take the Day Off Balm is my absolute favourite make up remover. 

Clinique’s website claims that it is a lightweight balm that quickly dissolves stubborn make up. It claims it is non drying, non greasy and for all skin types. I agree with all of this! 

Firstly my skin type is normal. I get a few breakouts, mostly hormone related. Anything I write is based on how it works for me and my skin type. 

When you open the tub you have a white balm when you scoop a bit out and rub it straight on to a dry face. As you massage it in, it melts into an oil like substance. I personally leave it to sit for a couple of minutes then use a muslin cloth to wipe it all away. There is no rubbing or pulling of the skin. It takes all traces of make up off, including those days when you have had a heavier or bolder look. It doesn’t leave any residue either. It just leaves my face feeling clean, moisturised and make up free without any dry or tight feeling. It feels very lux due to the creamy feel it has. 

My packaging looks a bit grubby now (as you might be able to see from the pictures!) and that’s just from where I’ve touched it with the product on my hands! Oops! However the simple packaging is very fitting for the simple to use product. 

Another bonus is the length of time the product lasts. For £22.00 you get 125ml. I’ve had mine for about 6 months and use it once a day (most days, not every day, I like to mix it up a bit) and it’s still going strong with a large amount left too. For me, it is certainly worth the money, in my opinion it works out to be very cost effective as the product lasts such a long time! 

For me, there is nothing better than a recommendations. And I have recommended this time and time again. Friends have brought it and fallen in love with it too. 

You can find Clinique Take the Day off Balm at Debenhams and Boots. Alternatively you can find it online here; It is part of a range which I believe includes cleansing milk and wipes. 

This for me is a make up removing miracle! Have you used Clinique Take the Day Off Balm? What are your thoughts? Have you tried any of the rest of the range? Let me know if there is anything I should try! 

Kayley x

Huda Beauty The Rose Gold Edition: A Review

Wow! This palette is really beautiful! 

It has 18 shades, a mixture of matte, pearls and 3D shadows. All of which are insanely pigmented! 

Let’s start with the mattes; go on the eye with not much effort and blend out with even less! 

The pearls and 3D shadows need to be applied with your fingers to really show them off. 

All of them have very little fall out, even the 3D shadows. I’ll be honest I was concerned I’d end up with glitter all down my face when I used the 3D shadows but that isn’t the case at all! 

Here are 3 of my favourites swatched (left to right); fling, rose gold and angelic. I’m not sure that these photos really do the sparkle justice, but I can promise you they sparkle like crazy! 

The palette is so versatile and the shade range will complement so many skin tones and eye colours. I have fair skin and blue eyes, and I think it looks great. 

It is a costly £56 but I think worth it if you want to step away from your neutral eye (but not too far!) and is available on Cult Beauty. 

Have you used this palette? Let me know your thoughts! 

Kayley x